Book Title: The New Weather

Subtitle: A Postmodern Tale of Love and Adventure

Author: Jonathan Wexler

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Book Description: An expanded version of this book is available in audio format on Soundcloud.

In "The New Weather," the central male character's relationship with the female protagonist is a poignant and integral part of the narrative. It is a tale of love, connection, and eventual disconnection that mirrors the overarching themes of cultural identity and technological influence. Their relationship begins with an almost idyllic connection on a Cuban beach, symbolizing a pure and unadulterated union. This connection is passionate and intense, yet marked by a growing complexity as the story progresses.

As the couple navigates through various geographic and cultural landscapes, their relationship evolves, reflecting the broader socio-political changes occurring around them. Their love is tested by cultural differences, technological barriers, and personal struggles. The male protagonist, deeply introspective and affected by the changing world, finds himself grappling with his own identity and beliefs, which in turn impact his relationship with the protagonist. This dynamic illustrates the challenges of maintaining a personal connection in the face of external pressures and evolving personal ideologies.

Ultimately, the relationship between the male protagonist and the female protagonist serves as a microcosm of the book's larger themes. It is a narrative thread that weaves through the fabric of the story, highlighting the intricate balance between personal intimacy and the impersonal forces of cultural and technological change. Their journey together and apart offers a deep exploration of the human condition, emphasizing how personal relationships are influenced by, and reflective of, the larger societal shifts.

In summary, "The New Weather" presents a layered and compelling story that intertwines personal relationships with broader societal themes. The relationship between the central male character and the female protagonist is a powerful element of the narrative, offering a poignant commentary on love, identity, and the impact of external forces on personal connections. This book is a profound exploration of the complexities of human interaction in a rapidly changing world.

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A sort-of-travelogue through technology and culture as seen by an unrepentant technical writer.

Jonathan Wexler worked in the past as a professional writer at companies such as Autodesk, Moment Factory, Genetec, and Watch4net (since bought by EMC, which in turn was bought by Dell), and running the most heavily trafficked legal website in the world, and now wants to offer his reflections and opinions on what it is to work in software, and live within a world driven by software.


Jonathan Wexler


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The New Weather
Jonathan Wexler

March 18, 2022.

Jonathan Wexler
Publication Date
June 23, 2022