We All Live in Elon’s World Now

This book is a work in progress as is the world of tech. I started writing it 5 years ago or so, in turn borrowing on blog posts that sometime went back almost 10 years. All the while some trends were happening that I did not pay much attention to until more recently and now they are having an overarching impact, namely a humble (ya right) serial-CEO by the name of Elon Musk and the climate crisis itself.

The latest biography about Musk by the prolific biographer Walter Isaacson, really a tome, focuses way too much on Elon’s father as the origin of all the drama Elon has come to embrace, while almost ignoring or relegating to bits and pieces how Elon’s vision of the world, his ideas and how they affect his modus operandi, ultimately are affecting the future of the world—especially a world beset by the climate crisis.

Zuckerberg’s inventions, maybe even a lot of Apple’s, and many other’s may just become footnotes in the expansive series of companies, their products and agenda, Elon’s have for the planet.

I am primarily a software technical writer, so in these pages I will lay out a bunch of ideas I have around certain applications per say, certain tech companies and people, but as this text morphs and changes into the mid-2020s and beyond, it will necessarily have to tackle more about Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City, and other Musk endeavors, and perhaps relegate some of these other more insignificant technologies and personalities to the sidelines.


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