Technological Anarchy

Recently at a WordPress meet-up at Brutopia on lower Crescent in Montreal I met one of the team members redoing the entire Dawson College website in WordPress.

As previously written about in the post Within the Confines of These Halls I have a longtime affiliation with the College, the largest CEGEP in Quebec, where I cut my teeth in media editing their student newspaper The Plant.

Indeed, finding out about Dawson’s ambitious WordPress plans brings me back – way back – cue harp music signifying flashback.

Back in the days before Facebook, Snapchat, and even much of the Internet as we know it today I created and wrote a technology column for The Plant called: Technological Anarchy.

It tried to hit technology from a cultural perspective – shedding some light on the hype: as we should not have really believed it, at least to the extent they were pushing tech as saviour at the time, and right on up to the present day.


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