Letter to Google

(This letter was sent to press@google.com by me more than 15 years ago, after they did not grant me press access – they are scared of scrutiny obviousnessly)
Dear Google:
Do you truly realize what you have built?
We are living in extremely unstable times and pushing the world to know everything, constantly, all the time, is psychological overload.
I always thought your company was screwy from the first time I needed help with being locked out of my Gmail account and could not get any customer support and ended up speaking to another technical writer in your Manhattan office – and then the time all my files were in a /gdrive and then you just wiped it to commercialize storage.
I have written about all of it in this book: Survival in the Relentless New
If you really wanted to build a company from the motto Don’t Be Evil, forcing creative people to work to get to the top of the Google search ratings is totally evil.
It is called work with no compensation. Basically, you have created a communist fiefdom around the planet by coopting the Internet which was once much freer, using a kind of Russian Logic with a huge dose of American venture capitalism cruelty.
It is called: Emotional Capitalism, are you have now become part of the problem
Go ahead, delete me from the internet, I really don’t care, because it is going to be published in a book worldwide, as of now.
Point finale.


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