Google Has Got You By the Balls

The colonization of the Internet is almost complete. The merchandize is there, so are your friendships and family relations. Your sexual habits too, for all, that is for all corporate entities to see. In fact, it is all being run out of Montreal by a porn company called MindGeek, formerly Manwin. Chris Hedges book America: The Farewell Tour talks about the abdication of the Left when it comes to the legalization of prostitution has got nothing on the abdication of the Left when it comes to pornography.

Indeed, Google, as the middle man to MindGeek’s porn, does have you by the balls as the Scotsman, an analyst in the UK government, put it at the HI in downtown Montreal this past Ides of March, or just about.

The Spanish Civil War this is not, nor is it Darkness at Noon, but are you satisfied with just shadows on the wall of the cave as orchestrated by the puppet-masters, perhaps not the Illuminati, as my brother in arms in Ottawa used to say, but close enough. And moreover, they are feeding us porn to poison our minds further. MindGeekthey should be held responsible.

It is a new Jim Crow of the mindthe middle mean as Marc Goodman points out repeatedly: the middlemen.


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