Cyborgs R Us

While your iPhone may already be the remote control to your life, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Just look at what IFTTT means to the web. For those still uninitiated, IFTTT strings together web services such as Facebook, Craigslist, Skydrive, through their APIs with simple if/else statements — for example, you could trigger a search on apartments for rent for a particular area and price on Craigslist which are appended to a spreadsheet in Google Drive. This, by the way, is how I found my last amazing place in the trendy Montreal area Mile End.

IFTTT essentially, and in a user friendly intuitive manner, strings together myriad services on the web making it into one large computer, as IFTTT proclaims: working for you.

Now new similar technologies are coming out for mobile – like this year’s Tech Disrupt winner Layer that provides some common communication protocols for apps – a further innovation along these lines might be more IFTTT-like in that apps will no longer be working individually as they mostly do now – but moreso in tandem with other apps, and also with other web services all over the net, and then naturally, with IFTTT itself – which is already partially implemented with the IFTTT app for iPhone.

The revolution has not happened yet, but when it does, it will have truly eaten the world.


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