Block the Blockchain?

Harper’s Magazine years ago did an exposé on the cyber-utopianism I as well emote as part of my regular open-source shtick. Yes, all this talk of D.A.O.s—could in fact be D.O.A.—especially if Bitcoin continues to be the worst performing currency of the year below even the Ruble.

Indeed, the preachers of technology begin to sound like any True Believers—that a system, whether Communism or the Holy Trinity—could save us from human nature.


Crypto-currency, the blockchain, D.A.O.s, these are the new tools that would have to be implemented with a heightened and popular sentiment (perhaps championed by Malala!) to rise above the current power elite and replace our current institutions instead of being co-opted by them.

It does seem like something like this has to be pushed forward lest the world really become ruled by one miser in a hoodie—I am just not so sure the movement should be championed by just another Silicon Valley faction.

I think it worth asking: Where are the wise men now?



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