An Un/Ethical Internet

When was the last time you heard the work “ethics”. And when was the last time you heard about it on Meta?

Everything in life, and especially American life, comes from something. That is, there are reasons behind it.

From the simple fact that Facebook is free, you gotta have suspicions.

The Social Network ain’t half of it. One only needs to read The Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, to see how the cynicism and twisted social logic of elite American schools and their exclusionary supper clubs has been transferred and transmuted through Zuckerberg to the whole world—indeed, Mark and his frat boy coterie has made the whole world, grown political leaders and poverty stricken alike, players in their petty ultimately meaningless elite games, and through he wishes this control to be total.

Google has another type of creation story—which is indeed mythical to the singularitatarians, of cracking the logic of the internet through PageRank. But is this method, of course useful, but actually, not much more than a revamped card catalogue at a library worthy of such adulation – even veneration – poured over the Google Guys extending down to the head of the ultimate skunkworks Google X header by Astro Teller: the grandson of the builder of the Hydrogen Bomb Edward Teller (talking about: don’t be evil, ha!). With such venerable names: can Google think of itself as anything other than a new ‘technical’ religion?

Where the decidedly hyperbolic devolves into the realm of ethics is Google’s business model, and what this has done to our current Internet?

Indeed, as M.I.A. once said to the now disgraced Canadian broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi: “The Internet has Changed Hands.”


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