A Modest Proposal for the Decolonization of the Internet

Don’t you loathe that time at the end of a book after all the dire prognostications when the author says all can be happy again by following these ten simple things.

You can almost have a computer write the rebuttal to my arguments – or is it Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler – only a Turing Test can tell them apart.

But I digress.

All I can say is that my modest proposal is to question everything.

Then maybe find alternatives to what they are selling – and most certainly – to what they are giving away for free.

And lastly – consider trying to really understand the technical aspects of software and who is behind everything you use – and then go ahead and try out some radically new decentralized and open source stuff like Maidsafe out of Scotland, and Bitcoin (even despite its currently centralization trend).

Above all – do not let them dumb you down. For we are not children.


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