Book Title: Survival in the Relentless New

Subtitle: A Tech Writer Gets a Head

Author: Jonathan Wexler

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"Survival in the Relentless New" is a dynamic and thought-provoking book that offers an incisive critique of the evolving technological landscape and its impact on society. The author shares a personal and critical perspective on the complexities of modern technology, highlighting the ethical and moral dilemmas faced by individuals in today's world. He reflects on the rapid pace of technological advancement and its potential to overwhelm and control critical thought, especially when livelihoods are at stake.

The book delves into the flaws of closed systems, drawing attention to the hidden aspects of the best techniques, words, phrases, and people, often overshadowed by institutional secrets and scandals. It underscores the significance of understanding and engaging with cutting-edge software development and the cultural nuances that shape our future, dominated by technology. The author discusses the moral challenges posed by technological sophistication, as depicted in the movie "Ex Machina," and questions the democratic aspect of our participation in the global technological construct.

Furthermore, "Survival in the Relentless New" traces the origins of the technology it discusses back to 2015, noting the dramatic changes that have occurred since then. The author explores the emergence of exascale computers, the metaverse, and powerful generative AI, while critiquing the widespread use of facial recognition and other surveillance technologies. He draws parallels with Michel Foucault's concept of the panopticon, evolving into the 'omniopticon' – a metaphor for an all-seeing society. The discussion extends to the implications of new technologies and their potential to infringe on privacy and individual freedoms.

Overall, this book is a compelling and insightful exploration of the intersection of technology, society, and ethics, inviting readers to consider the profound implications of our increasingly tech-driven world.

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A sort-of-travelogue through technology and culture as seen by an unrepentant technical writer.

Jonathan Wexler worked in the past as a professional writer at companies such as Autodesk, Moment Factory, Genetec, and Watch4net (since bought by EMC, which in turn was bought by Dell), and running the most heavily trafficked legal website in the world, and now wants to offer his reflections and opinions on what it is to work in software, and live within a world driven by software.


Jonathan Wexler


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Survival in the Relentless New
Jonathan Wexler

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16th  Edition – May 18, 2022.

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