Chapter 8

Back when Jim had first made the alliance with the Salvation Army he did not know they would come to play such a central role in his plans. The people that passed through their doors, well, it was one in a hundred that could really participate in the coop. But it served as a base of operations as the city grew more tight and it was impossible to get housing or any meaningful or even meager work. The meals provided by the Sally Anne, even its religious services were all a sustaining force and sometimes Jim fell under the sway of its proselytizing and believed in Jesus Christ. Randi would quickly deprogram Jim at these points so he could keep his eye on the prize, building up the system so that he could eventually exit the doors of the Salvation Army and lead the internet revolution he so believed in.

And this day would come. Jim would ride the wave of the popularity of his system, how it was taken on as a cause by both the world’s downtrodden and the organizations that served them, and even find a way, through EduCoin, to become infinitely rich because of it. Jim’s fortune would grow so huge that it was in fact incalculable. His fortune was based of course on only one of the cryptocurrencies which world financial markets now ran on, but he had a greater share of it and it was addressing such a huge, and now monopolistic market, that he had become a very powerful man indeed.

The Salvation Army would adopt his system to run its nascent education program and religious services during the darkest days of the internet wars and the system in turn would penetrate throughout the world on the Salvation Army network’s which had equally grown fortified. A new discipline would overtake the adherents of the Salvation Army as they would be educated by the system so that their proselytizing would now include initial initiation into the technical realm of Jim’s education system. It would be overlooked by the Salavation Army elders that the system included plenty of non-religious curriculum that challenged their message of Jesus Christ the redeemer as the relationship was too mutually beneficial to sever. The Salvation Army was growing to be much more than a charity organization but through Jim’s system the premier school in the dark days of the internet wars available.


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