As things quicken, it becomes ever harder to think clearly and critically as we are bombarded with computer-mediated propaganda on all sides. I realize the very act of writing now, anything at all, and especially anything on the internet, subjects you to reams of haters almost no matter what.

Narrowcasting your messaging, turning off comments, password protecting content, nothing will effectively protect you from the scrutiny, not even Reporters Without Borders or the International Consortium of Invetigative Journalists.

I am struck though by so many things that are screaming out for questioning, exactly as Greta does on environmental issues:

  • Do we have the right leadership?
  • Is our economic system fair?
  • What are we doing about increasingly sophisticated weaponry?
  • Are we accurately gauging the progress, we are, or are not, making as a civilization?
  • Are we beginning to treat longstanding injustices such as racism with the urgency they deserve?
  • Are we adequately protecting our real journalists and others who seek hard truths in light of obscurantist powers?

There are a multitude of other questions to be asked as I go into further detail below about how many questions will land you in lots of trouble, as they have me, but perhaps I will be able to clear the air a bit through this text to what’s on my mind.

As I expand upon below, I have no special credentials, besides knowing a lot about software development after twenty years of being a technical writer, and reading perhaps a couple of thousand books on a wide scope of knowledge, but I also perhaps think that my motivations are at least an attempt to be genuine, in exposing a lot of the hypocrisy, especially around issues of the climate crisis and technological monopolization which it is my argument go hand-in-hand, to somehow attempt at the better world Greta cries out for and I only wish for my own daughter.


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