So What to Do?

While my mental health and general contentment right now are surprisingly stable, I recognize the growing majority of the world is not.

How can I live with myself knowing that David Wallace-Wells worst scenarios could be our future, well beyond Australian and Californian forest fires, worldwide pandemics, and Greater Depressions?

What can my generation do, stuck between aging baby boomers who still largely control the purse strings and Greta’s generation, who are indeed on the move, but with little real power?

Most of my friends and colleagues sadly seem content continuing in the corporate grind, many of them behind computer screens hashing out code for a salary. Others are really part of the power structure, bankers, wealth managers, lawyers, those I have steadily drifted away from over the years. Indeed one of my best friends went to work for a computer company in Seattle at an early age and simply disappeared amongst their labyrinthine headquarters there, another with a similar story only this time the disappearance took place among a large bank’s byzantine dealings.

I had often seen activism on the left as the great redeemer but I think we are past a point of no return and revolution would only bring our society and perhaps world civilization down with it.

Indeed, as Greta says we desperately need our scientists and therefore our institutions, and as even Extinction Rebellion has admitted, their message should be beyond politics appealing to, for example, green capitalists along with the denizens of the more prevalent type of greens.


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