Leaving the 20th Century Behind

Ideology and warfare colour the 20th century, of course along with some progress, some gains in civil rights, some eventual decolonization, and some other good things.

While Steven Pinker, the renowned linguist, now peddles in optimism and progress, others describe how severe our global challenges now really are, it seems to me a total rewrite is in order, taking into account what we now know.

Who should be responsible for creating this new mythology? After all, the intellectual barnstormer Yuval Noah Hariri often makes the point that it is these mythologies, or lies that we as a collective believe, which is actually responsible for the rise to dominance of humanity on this planet. Not to mention the importance famed Montreal singer Leonard Cohen places on this very point, naming his first book of poetry “Let Us Compare Mythologies”.

Should we put our faith in, for example, Roger Hallam, cofounder of Extinction Rebellion, who diligently studied social movements before setting out to create his own along with Gail Bradbrook?

Can Extinction Rebellion from its very name and composition as a protest group be responsible for forging this new world consciousness?

While Greta’s organization has often found common cause with XR, is perhaps her message of science and youth, on inclusivity yet outright defiance when it comes to the old political class, perhaps not in a better position to forge this new mythology, one in fact not actually based on myth but in hard truths of the real situation?

Yes I think it is.

Greta, go for it!


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