Just like the miracle of life reaching this point, a million-and-one things have to go right for life to continue and hopefully flourish into the distant future and as I speak often of in this book, the deck seems stacked against us at this point.

Then along comes a child like Greta, perhaps your child or mine, and to paraphrase Asimov’s I, Robot: asks the right questions.

I, as an adult, have been fired and worse because of questions I have asked and Greta has certainly suffered persecution because of her awakening to the plight of the Earth, but these hard questions continue to be asked by a naturally curious species and that is, I feel, beginning to break through as Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof continue to fight off the enemies of progress in the United States Senate in the long wake of the gruesome George Floyd murder that still resonates strongly with me.


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