Facing the Music with Radical Hope

Life is a precarious proposition. That we have come to this point, I think, is the culmination of an infinite amount of fortuitous outcomes, so why stop now? Certainly eschatological thinking seems to have always been with us, perhaps because our very lives and civilizations always seem so iffy.

Of course we are at seconds to midnight, the closest we’ve ever been on the Doomsday clock, I’ve heard because of the danger of nuclear and environmental catastrophe, among many other reasons, including poor leadership.

So why reject the predominant nihilism especially amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the burning of the Amazon, among a million other reasons?

Whether one is religious or spiritual in any sense might play a role, and while I basically am a total believer in scientific reasoning and what I think are true explanations of life and the universe like evolution and the Big Bang, I think a certain kind of numinous faith has something to do with it on my part at least.


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