Beyond Despair

How do you get past wandering the frozen streets of Ottawa penniless totally alone labelled somehow mentally deficient bereft of your once almost wife and very real daughter hundreds of miles away with only the worst of possible futures on your mind?

It was surely a struggle coming back to a new resolve never to let yourself descend to such a place again and I think it has as much to do with changing your own mindset as what anyone else says or even prescribes for you.

I have been on several descents in my life as partially recounted here but only one real ascent and that is when I hit a harder rock bottom than before and simply realized I could not live this way anymore, essentially on a mission to self-sabotage, and had it totally in my power to slowly but surely come back.

But it really wasn’t a complete turnaround until beyond Malala, Greta came into the picture and demonstrated in plain site how her superpowers, my superpowers could be used.


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