And Along Came Greta

Some of what she has already accomplished and will no doubt accomplish in the future is currently being obscured by the pandemic and entrenched powers like the dying oil industry, but she will not be quieted.

Perhaps it is unfair of me to look at someone like Greta and project onto her misplaced feelings for my own daughter, but I cannot help it. Because I am albeit a totally absent father out of necessity I feel–I nonetheless do feel like a father to a little delicate girl in this mess of a world writers such as Umair Haque on Medium diligently describes as collapsing if not already collapsed.

Speaking amidst the pandemic from Montréal, just a stones throw from a perhaps likely collapsing US, at least as of right now, things indeed look rather dire.

I certainly have read my share of doomerism in the last few years, from the Dark Forest website to autobiographies of giving up and despair to web celebrities who seem to thrive off negativity with nary a solution in sight, these are viewpoints I have come to reject at least in part because of the inspiration of Greta. When she exclaimed “How Dare You” to the heads of state at the UN to me it was the ultimate f-you to power.


Greta Forever Copyright © by Jonathan Wexler. All Rights Reserved.